Please share your thanks and best wishes with Karen Zeribi in the comments section below!

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leshee Karen: Thanks so much for all you've done and all you're going to do!!  You have been a great mentor!  I wish you well! Laura Eshee
mtsou Dear Karen: It has been so wonderful working with you over the past few years.  CHKD was new to the collaborative and you were instrumental in helping us get started.  We wish you...
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Diane Eskra Dear Karen, I have so enjoyed working with you and will miss talking with you on a regular basis. Hope to stay in contact with you as a QI colleague and a friend!  Thanks so much for all...
bmartineau Karen, we loved working with you as our QIC! I don't think I ever shared this with you but you were one of the reasons why I decided I wanted to take on the coordinator position in addition...
fdelrosario Karen, I wish you all the best.  It was fun working with you in the House of Blues!  Fernando

Big Science, Big Teams, Big Data: The ImproveCareNow Learning Health System-  Peter Margolis

(Stream first 15 minutes or download to view entire presentation)

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The ICN Exchange team will be hosting a webinar on October 15th from 2-3pm (Eastern time) to answer any questions you have!

Go to Meeting Information:

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Find the checklist for all ICN activities for the month of October here!

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Share your comments on these ImproveCareNow Community values in the "comment" section below. Do these capture what our community is all about? What would you add?

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fdelrosario ICN has a holistic view of children with IBD and the approach taken to manage the disease.  We focus not only on how the disease affects the child but also how a child having IBD affects...
ssaeed ICN is focused on improving outcomes and quality of life of children with IBD. Its an inclusive community and partners with providers(physicians, nurses, psychologists, dieticians, social workers,...
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rshonce ICN is family centered multidisciplinary care at its finest! True partnership with staff and pts/families
ehoffenberg ICN is engaging.
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TTodd Let's expand community to define what that is (agree with Dr. Saeed's breakdown of the definition). - ICN empowers patients and parents to improve health, take action and create...

ImproveCareNow Key Driver Diagram and ideas for changes to test.

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Patient/Family PVP clinic form used at CHOA-Egleston/Emory University

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Is your site using the automated reports?  See September's network data.

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Weigh in here:  and peruse a related talk from ICNCC15S!

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Updated October 2015

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