We need your help in setting new goals for the ICN Exchange and its role in the community. In 10 words or less, describe your perfect Exchange.
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Join me in welcoming our new team from Cambridge University Hospitals, Addenbrooke's! They are a part of the Fall 2014 ICN QI Fundamentals session that started in September.
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Our Success Infographic - updated September 2014 - features some of the Network's most notable achievements! You can ALWAYS DL the most current version on ICN.org
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Use this checklist to document your plans for reviewing the various reports available to guide your improvement work! And then share tips and ideas with others here: http://icnexchange.org/node/2928
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ehoffenberg There are alot of issues with current PM reports. THey are much less user friendly, do not download in a straightforward way say to powerpoint, do not give provider specific data, do not...
You all had so much to share at the Learning Session...let's keep the discussions going.
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This is another educational tool created by our IBD transition task force at Children's Mercy Hospital.
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Fall 2014 QI Fundamentals Materials
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Meet Kelly Cole: Parent Partner from University of Iowa
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The December network-wide webinars have been scheduled. Add to your calendars now! See my Webinars Exchange Board for network-wide and learning lab webinars scheduled through December 2014.
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November Learning Lab webinars. Mark your calendars now!
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